“Lychener 64″ Press Review

“Lychener 64 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg”

Documentary by Jakob Rühle, Fabio Dondero, Teresina Moscatiello.
Co-produced by Sinafilm and Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb)

“An impressive documentary about the fast changes in the available housing – in thus in the living spaces – in a large city” (Hamburger Morgenpost)

“Lychener 64 tells stories of broken dreams and of the change from leading a self-determined life to adapting to the norm.” (Hamburger Abendblatt)

Spiegel Online video report about “Lychener 64” at Spiegel online

“…A prime example of documentary dramaturgy” Schnitt- Das Filmmagazin

“…A successful and interesting documentary“ (08/2010 Zitty)

“…The debate about gentrification in Prenzlauer Berg is a thing of the past – today the recording of history starts – with a documentary” (article at  Zitty 08/2010)

“… A mosaic of hopes, disappointments and fresh starts that shows the transition of a district from subculture niche to a comfortable middle-class neighbourhood“ 15/04/2010 taz

rbb Abendschau report 14/04/2010

“It would be hard to find a clearer example of the discrepancy between the practical value (how Simone wants to live) and the exchange value (the standard that the owner wishes) that always goes hand-in-hand with modernisation of a flat.“Getrification Blog Filmtipp

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