Constructing Sochi

Documentary, Germany 2014, 73 min.


The inhabitants of the Imeretinskaya Bay – the location of the Olympic Coastal Cluster in Sochi – traditionally earned their living from agriculture. As the master plan of the games is gradually being implemented the residents are relocated from their fertile ground. On their plots the Olympic Park, Hotels and infrastructure are built from the ground up. The people have to trade their large plots in for a modern house on a smaller site. The film portrays Lena, Pascha and Volodja in their old and new homes. Through their eyes we experience their attachment to the land, their fight for adequate compensations and the relocation to a newly built settlement.

Director: Steffi Wurster – Camera: Eugen Schlegel / Steffi Wurster – Editing: Steffi Wurster -  Line-Producer: Alexander Bundtzen – Producer: Jakob Rühle, Teresina Moscatiello – Production: Sinafilm GmbH, WDR
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“Constructing Sochi” (WT)

documentary, in post production

The Imeretinskaya Bay – Sochi, the location of the Olympic Winter Games 2014.

We are observing the microcosm of the bay for three years, the process of land appropriation and turbo-modernization is recorded. We learn about the concrete impact of the megaproject on the people for whom the loss of their huge gardens means a loss of livelihood.

The film portrays Lena, Pascha and Volodja in their old and new homes. Through their eyes we experience their attachment to the land, their fight for their homes and the relocation to a newly built settlement.

“Constructing Sochi” (AT) / Director: Steffi Wurster / Camera: Eugen Schlegel / Line-producer: Alexander Bundtzen / Producer: Jakob Rühle / Production: Sinafilm Produktion und Verleih / WDR – Die Story

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“Lychener 64 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg” TV screening on Phoenix

Lychener 64 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

a documentary by Jakob Rühle, Fabio Dondero & Teresina Moscatiello

20 years after the German reunification, the largest urban renewal project in Europe has almost been completed. In the Prenzlauer Berg district of Berlin, one of the last old buildings in the area is being renovated: the block of flats in Lychenerstr. 64.Over a period of two years, the documentary follows the house and its residents through the process of transformation from substandard to standardised living, from individual freedom to conforming to the norm. (…)
main article

“Lychener 64″ on Phoenix , 22.8.2011 at 11pm

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Feature Film WAITING in Post-Production


Director: Simone Orlandini
Cast: Gary Lewis, Teresa di Paolo
Production: Sinafilm GmbH & Rebis Film GmbH
Writers: Teresina Moscatiello, Simone Orlandini, Jakob Rühle, Alfredo Bini
Status: Post-Production
Release: 2013

THE TRIAD PROJECT is an international feature film trilogy on the topic of war. The first part, WAITING, offers the viewer an intimate insight into the situation of a victim. An ordinary civilian (Teresa Di Paolo) lives through states of fear and despair alone in her flat, while war rages outside. The war cannot be evaded and she is trapped in the middle of it. During the course of the film, the violence penetrates her apartment, lastly in the form of a soldier (Gary Lewis).

The entire film was shot in a studio in Berlin. A new, environmentally friendly concept was applied to set construction: all the materials used, such as the straw and recycled wood, were in-keeping with our ecological sustainability guidelines.

For further Information and press material, please visit:


with the support of:

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“Lychener 64″ in Leeds, UK

Our documentary “Lychener 64 – Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg” is being shown at the University of Leeds! Organized by the Goethe Institut Manchester

Wednesday 23 March 2011, 6.00pm
University of Leeds, Clothworkers South Building LT 2 (3.04)
German with English subtitles

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In Production

Feature Film “THE TRIAD” Regie: Orlandini, Shooting: May 2011, Berlin (in Co-Production with Triskelion Film Ltd.)

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“My piano in times of crisis” at film festival Max Ophüls

Sinafilm will be at the film festival Max Ophüls in January 2011!

The renowned film festival takes place from 17.-23.1.2011 in Saarbrücken and shows the short film “My piano in times of crisis”, produced by Sinafilm and directed by Anne Pütz.
see main article

Shows of “My piano in times of crisis”:
Friday, the 21st of January, 17:00h at KINO CINESTAR 3
Saturday, the 22nd January, 12:00h at KINO CINESTAR 2

Anne Pütz and our Producer, Teresina Moscatiello, will be present for questions and further contact.

Festival homepage

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“Lychener 64 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg” Broadcast Premiere

Lychener 64 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg
documentary by Jakob Rühle,
Fabio Dondero and Teresina Moscatiello

Broadcast Premiere, december 16th
at 11 pm at rbb Fernsehen

main article

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“Lychener 64″ Press Review

“Lychener 64 Berlin – Prenzlauer Berg”

Documentary by Jakob Rühle, Fabio Dondero, Teresina Moscatiello.
Co-produced by Sinafilm and Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (rbb)

“An impressive documentary about the fast changes in the available housing – in thus in the living spaces – in a large city” (Hamburger Morgenpost)

“Lychener 64 tells stories of broken dreams and of the change from leading a self-determined life to adapting to the norm.” (Hamburger Abendblatt)

Spiegel Online video report about “Lychener 64” at Spiegel online

“…A prime example of documentary dramaturgy” Schnitt- Das Filmmagazin

“…A successful and interesting documentary“ (08/2010 Zitty)

“…The debate about gentrification in Prenzlauer Berg is a thing of the past – today the recording of history starts – with a documentary” (article at  Zitty 08/2010)

“… A mosaic of hopes, disappointments and fresh starts that shows the transition of a district from subculture niche to a comfortable middle-class neighbourhood“ 15/04/2010 taz

rbb Abendschau report 14/04/2010

“It would be hard to find a clearer example of the discrepancy between the practical value (how Simone wants to live) and the exchange value (the standard that the owner wishes) that always goes hand-in-hand with modernisation of a flat.“Getrification Blog Filmtipp

download press review!

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“C.O.B. – Civilians On the Battlefield” Pressreview

“C.O.B. Civilians On the Battelfield”
documentary by  Teresina Moscatiello

“…the film does, what a good documentary needs to do: it pushes open a window to a world seeming bizarre, as though it were fiction“ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung 28.01.07)

“Teresina Moscatiello asks enthralling questions without giving the answers, that’s why her film is not only bizarre and comical, but also deadly serious and important“ (Die Welt 24.01.07) [...]

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